Invited Conference

1: Gülmez SE. “Rational Use of Medicines in the World.” Symposium of the Turkish Rational Use of Medicines Society. 5-8 December 2013. Ankara, Turkey.

2: Gülmez SE. “Comparative Hepatotoxicity of NSAIDs: Results from the SALT study.” Symposium of the Swiss-Austrian ISOP Chapter - Hepatotoxicity. 14 March 2013. Zurich, Switzerland.

3: Gülmez SE. “New Pharmacovigilance Legislation: pharmacoepidemiology view”. Impact of New Pharmacovigilance Legislation - MAPI Research Group. 15 October 2012, London, UK.

4: Gülmez SE. “Pharmacovigilance - Risk & Benefit Management in Drug Safety” Web-Conference. Kakushin Group. 30 May 2012.

5: Gülmez SE. Rational Drug Use in the World. 5th Clinical Pharmacology Symposium at 21st National Pharmacology Congress. 19 October 2011, Eskişehir, Turkey.

6: Gülmez SE on behalf of the SALT study group. Study of Acute Liver Transplant (SALT): Main results of the 7-country case-population study on acute liver failure associated with NSAIDs and paracetamol. ISPE 2nd Rapid Medical Product Safety Symposium Webinar. 23 June 2011.

7: Gülmez SE. The effect of dipyrone on lung function. 4th International Symposium of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 25-26 octobre 2007, Sofia, Bulgaria. “Satellite symposium on non-opiate pain reliving drugs, metamizole”.